Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Blog to Remember: Interview with Liz Reitman Waller, podcast #2

I suppose how a person handles the death of someone they love depends as much on the personality of the one who dies as it depends on the personality of the one who lives.

The posts Elizabeth (Liz) Reitman Wallers writes in her blog, 366 Days of Eric, meet somewhere in the poignant middle. We read about Eric, an athletic, witty, loving 32 year old who died suddenly last December, and then Liz herself-- his sister--a mother, physician, and now writer.

I went to college with Liz, but only through Facebook, and now her blog, have I gotten to know her more deeply. I think it’s an act of bravery to confront any feelings of loss and grief on a daily basis. So, here is the second Lunch Box Mom Podcast, an interview with Liz Waller, of 366 Days of Eric.

Liz, her son Sam, and her brother Eric, of whom she writes in her blog, 366 Days of Eric.

As some of you know, my podcasting skills are green, indeed, and my wonderful intern has a better paying job for the summer. So, I hope the ineptitude of my sound editing does not diminish the profoundness of what Liz has to say.

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