Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Interrupt this Summer for a Trip to the ER

It’s not my imagination; summer brings more trips to the Emergency Room. According to an article from Prevention posted on MSN, hospitals have an 18 % increase in emergency room visits between the months of May and August.

If you’re interested in learning how one might avoid these trips, you can check out the tips from ER and pediatric doctors shared in the article. After that, if you’d like to know how my family ended up supporting the 18% increase, you can read this blog.

While I microwaved some hot dogs, my oldest slammed the bathroom door, believing, incorrectly, that her younger sister would get out of the way.

That about sums it up.

In the blink of an eye, ten feet away from me, in a moment of sibling squabbling, the accident occurred. The door knob, shaped more like a lever, hit the back of my three year old’s head in just the right way to cause a laceration.

One paper towel saturated in blood. Then another. And then a cloth towel. I called 9-1-1 and did a very bad job staying calm. The EMTs arrived and took us to the hospital. A kind nurse assessed the situation. A wonderful physician’s assistant followed up, saying my daughter would be fine, but she’d need some staples on the wound to help it heal.

Ten days, no swimming. And, here, “You’ll need your own staple remover. Most pediatricians don’t have them.”

I do not know how parents remain calm in the face of more serious accidents. I hesitated to even write about this incident because I did not want to suggest, in any way, that the relatively minor distress we experienced compares with the grief and uncertainty other parents may have confronted during trips to the ER.

And yet, there is value in writing about an accident such as ours. In the midst of chaos, tears, and blood, it might be a reminder that simply because the world feels as if it just got turned upside down, doesn’t always mean that it has.

My children are stronger and more resilient than I am in many ways. I braced myself every time I applied the Neosporin to the wound beneath those three staples on my three year old's head, reminded each time of how the injury happened and how vulnerable we all felt.

She, however,  kept on dancing.

This very short video is a glimpse into that mindset. I intend to vlog about broader topics and not my kids in weeks to come, but because this was my first effort using imovie, I thought I’d better focus on participants who didn’t mind a “do-over” when I inadvertently forgot to push record.

If the video does not play, you can access it on the Lunchboxmom YouTube channel.
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Tim Morrissey said...

Excellent! Glad things turned out OK for all...great foresight from the doc who gave you the staple-remover, too. BTW, I read your blog in IE-9 and the video launched immediately. The production, editing, and sound on the vlog are top-flight!

Anonymous said...

Great blog/vlog. It opened right up. I understand Ava was bit on the head by a crocodile which went, "SNAP!" How thrilling! I'm glad she (and you) survived.

Anonymous said...

Great video! So professional! Glad your daughter was ok. Both girls are adorable.