Friday, October 16, 2015

Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something?

I owe my yoga teacher, Romy Toussaint, special gratitude for introducing me to Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart.

Beattie’s entry for July 7th describes her drive on a highway in New Mexico. The car ahead stopped suddenly and although Beattie avoided a collision, the car behind her had been too close and hit the rear of her Jeep. No real damage was done, but Beattie says that afterwards, “the incident still nagged at me.”

Weeks later, on a two-lane highway, with a school bus ahead and a truck loaded with cars behind, traffic once again came to a sudden stop, this time when the bus stopped to drop off a child.

“I looked out my rearview mirror,” Beattie writes, “the truck loaded with cars was frantically trying to stop. I pulled my car off the road onto the shoulder, giving him an extra car length…..Had I not noticed, not pulled out, we’d all have been piled up.”

Her final message includes this thought: sometimes the universe gives us a little nudge, a little sign.

Today, after going to a mid-day yoga class in a busy shopping center, I stepped off into the pedestrian crosswalk. A car had just passed by on the right and my path was clear. Or so I thought.

I heard the revving of a large engine and within seconds a huge SUV, the size of a Suburban, sped into the crossway from the left. I jumped back. It was a near miss. My yoga mat and I would have been like flies on a tank if I'd not been alert. 

Ten minutes later, while on the highway, my car shook from the vibration of a police car as it speed past me on the left. No siren, before or after, just the reverberation inside me as I thought about how quickly this car, too, had appeared out of nowhere.

Ten minutes after that, as I drove along a beautiful section of Route 206, the fall foliage shining red and brown in the sun, I heard a loud bang. Had it been a rock the size of a lemon? It had the thud of something heavy and slow moving, but I knew that even in spirit, no ghostly Redcoats were hurling 2-pound cannons at my minivan on this historic trail. 

Still, I was shaken now and eager to meet my friend for lunch. 

Had the universe given me a nudge and closed out its trifecta of uncomfortable events or was the big one still ahead?

I tend to believe it is the former. But, as Beattie says, "Sometimes the universe gives us warnings."

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